Meet the Family Guidance Board of Directors

“From the first time I visited the hospital for people with mental illness on Frederick Avenue, many years ago, I felt a pull to do something to help. These people have very little, if any, voice. They need us to help be that voice.” – Ali Wray, Former Member of the Family Guidance Center Board of Directors

The members of the Family Guidance Center Board of Directors are men and women who are committed to not only serving the community, but improving it by advocating for improved behavioral health services. Members bring a high level of expertise and experience across a range of disciplines, and represent diverse leadership from across Northwest Missouri.

Board Members & Officers

Garry Hammond

Bill McMurray

Melissa Lawyer
–Vice Chair

Paul Reilly

Katie Carolus

David Cripe

Sharon Cornelius
– Member

 James Mallow, MD
– Member

Caroline Murphy
– Member

 CDR Mike Wilson
– Member

James T Graves
– Member

Gary Myers
– Member

Robert Stuber, MD
– Member

Karen Corder
– Member

Jennifer Kneib-Dixon
– Member