Medical Screening

Yearly Medical Screening Offers Great Opportunity to Check Mental Health

Annual medical check-ups typically include exams for vision, hearing, reflexes, blood tests and a listen to the heart and lungs. But, patients don’t usually include mental health screenings in their medical checks-ups. Mental health assessments should be made a standard part of every annual medical screening.

In fact, many doctors already include questions on mental health when conducting their regular medical screening, but patients should be asking those who don’t to include it as part of their annual wellness check-up. As valuable as it is to check up on eyes, ears, lungs and heart it is equally important to also check up on mental health. A wellness brain check can be performed in a matter of minutes.

American patients have embraced the idea of wellness checks as a way to catch potential health problems early on when they are most responsive to intervention and treatment. Whether it’s your eyes or your lungsMental Health 16 you want to know sooner rather than later when something is even slightly amiss. The same should go for your brain.

Experts suggest that one quarter of adults in this country have some kind of mental health concern each year. Too many ignore the symptoms or are unaware of them. Medical screening which includes a few simple questions could detect those concerns and address them before they grow and become all-encompassing in an otherwise healthy and happy life.

Medical doctors can conduct a simple mental health assessment in their office and then refer tmental health professional if signs of medical illness become apparent. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait for your next medical appointment the mental health providers at Family Guidance can also give you a thorough screening. Take care of your brain the way you do the rest of your body. Call today.