What You Can do When You Have a Co-Worker With Depression

By September 18, 2015No Comments

Recognizing Key Signals That Let You Know You Have a Co-Worker With Depression

co-worker with depressionNearly 10 percent of the U.S. adult population experiences some form of depression every year. That means that someone in your office, perhaps at the desk adjacent to yours, may be dealing with this disease. The likelihood that you will have a co-worker with depression this year or in the years to come is high. How valuable, therefore, for you to become familiar with some of the telltale signs of depression and to know actions you can take to help.


The way to recognize a co-worker with depression is to be alert to common symptoms associated with the disease. Among the most common symptoms are changes in sleeping and/or eating patterns. The person may eat or sleep more or less than normal. Another frequent symptom is the loss of interest in things that used to be enjoyed – including aspects of work. If the person used to like to camp or play sports or work on certain projects but suddenly seems almost entirely uninterested – this could be a warning flag signaling depression. Trouble reaching decisions, negative talk and avoidance of social interactions are all hallmark signs of depression.

Be Supportive

If you suspect a co-worker may be experiencing depression avoid criticizing them for feeling down. Be a listening ear and someone your co-worker can trust to open up to.
Sometimes, it helps to talk with someone who knows how to listen. You can also suggest they seek help with a mental health professional and offer to take them and be a support system for them.

At Family Guidance Center we’ve helped people with all levels of depression. If you think you may have a co-worker with depression, don’t look the other way. Come alongside with support. Practical steps can make a tremendous difference in the life of someone you work with.