Alcohol Dependency

Things Which Trigger Alcoholism Are Often Risk Factors for Depression as Well

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Understanding the Link Between Alcoholism and Depression

alcoholismDepression and alcoholism share many similar symptoms and can sometimes stem from the same biological causes. Depression often can bring a risk factor for alcoholism and alcohol abuse can increase a person’s risk of becoming depressed. Over 30 percent of those with depression, also struggle with alcoholism.

Some people may face a greater pre-disposition towards alcoholism or depression, but outside factors also play an important role. Environmental factors are one example. People who experience violent traumas in youth, for instance, can be more likely to develop depression or a negative relationship with alcohol as they grow older.

Even if you had a traumatic childhood or have alcoholism in your family tree, you still don’t have to accept depression or alcohol abuse as part of your life. You do need to know that if you are depressed, drinking alcohol may deepen your depression. But whether you are living with one disease or both, help and hope are available.

At the Family Guidance Center we can help you escape the downward spiral of depression. We can also help you to develop new tools for coping other than alcohol. Life can be bright, purposeful and filled with opportunities to meet your goals. Just because you’ve experienced risk factors, doesn’t mean you cannot reach out for help. Let us show you how today.