Mental Illness

The Truth Versus Misconception When it Comes to Mental Illness

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Too Many Stigmas Are Placed on a Mental Illness Diagnosis

Mental illness has factored into several high profile news stories over the past couple of years. This has provided an opportunity to have amental illness national discussion on the topic of mental illness, yet misconceptions continue.

Does Not Affect Only a Few

A 2014 Congressional Research Service report on mental illness in America found that one quarter of adults and over 40 percent of adolescents experience mental illness during any given year. They numbers represent the individual cases apart from any association with substance abuse. In simpler terms, over 40 million Americans experience a non-substance use related form of mental illness each year. Mental illness does not only touch a few, it affects those across all races, demographics and ages.

It is Treatable

For the majority of people, mental illness will be a highly treatable condition which, with proper attention, can lead to a happy healthy life. With certain forms of mental illness the rate of treatment success is 80 percent. That is a recovery rate many physical illnesses can not match.

Not Career Ending

Many people with mental illness are able to fulfill responsible roles and perform key jobs in society. The publicized stories of failure should often be told more accurately as stories of non-treatment. There are many more true stories of highly successful individuals who have reached tremendous heights of achievement and recognition despite dealing with their mental illness.

Stigma is one of the biggest hurdles to someone seeking treatment. Stigma, perceived or real, is too often based on misconceptions. The truth is that mental illness affects many people all around you and with treatment they are able to enjoy full and satisfying lives. Don’t refuse to be one of their number. If you are struggling, call us at Family Guidance Center, we can help.