The Importance of Back-to-School Prep for Your Child With ADHD

An Early Start Will Ease Stress for Your Child With ADHD

It’s hard to believe that the start of the new school year is here for many students. If you are the parent of a child (ofchild with ADHD any school age) with ADHD, don’t wait until the very last minute to start getting prepared and organized. Routine and structure are important for the child with ADHD, so it will help them to start getting ready for school today.


For the elementary school age child this is the time to start transitioning to a school year sleep and wake routine. Start putting your child to bed a little earlier every few days until you reach school year bedtime. Do the same in the mornings. Start getting your child up a tad earlier over the next few weeks so that they don’t have a major schedule adjustment when classes begin.

Work Space

It’s also a good idea to start preparing your child’s work area. The child with ADHD needs a place free of distraction. Distractions can be as obvious as the television or as subtle as clutter on the desk or table. Take some time to clear this out and get ready for study sessions. You might want to purchase a new bright desk lamp to make this space more work-friendly.

School Supplies

You do want to shop early for school supplies and buy what the list prescribes, but it’s also a good idea to buy doubles of things which could prove easily lost or misplaced. Defuse tension before it happens.

At Family Guidance Center we have walked beside many families transitioning from summer schedule to school schedule. If your child’s ADHD is causing concern at this time of year, please contact us and let us share some other helpful ideas.