Depression 1Depression is a disease of the brain affecting at least one of every 10 American adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Depression isn’t usually something that can be spotted from the outside. In fact, ask the ever common question, “How are you”, upon crossing paths with someone who happens to have depression and the likely response will probably be something polite like, “Fine! How are you?”

While that may be the furthest thing from the truth, it’s ingrained in members of society that it’s not nice to unload one’s private life onto others in casual conversation. Thus, a little white lie is told and everyone keeps moving. While it may be true that that sort of conversation is not appropriate for every person in passing, it is important to note that talking about feelings of depression or being down are important with family, friends, or one’s doctor. If it’s difficult to speak to loved ones or those in the medical profession, it may necessary to open up to a therapist.

Depression is not simply a temporary feeling of being sad. While everyone has his or her ups and downs, depression is not something that just goes away with time. The illness may leave individuals perpetually feeling worthless, unworthy of love or affection, different, cut-off from others, tired, lost, or despondent. At first, some people may not even realize that what they are experiencing is actually depression. They may simply wonder, “What is wrong with me?”

They may further isolate themselves from others and the surface level conversations where they have to pretend that everything is fine. Depression can also lead to thoughts of suicide when affected individuals begin to feel that they are a burden on everyone around them or that the world might just be better off if they weren’t around.

But depression doesn’t have to feel that way. Family Guidance offers coordinated treatment programs to help individuals at home and within their community. To learn more about Family Guidance’s innovative approach to success, visit