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The Effects of Alcohol Consumption in the Workplace

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According to the National Council on Drug Addiction and Alcoholism around 15 million Americans are heavy drinkers. Heavy drinking takes a toll on every aspect of life, including a person’s work life. Someone may be dependent on alcohol or they may be an occasional binger, but either way, abuse of alcohol leads to negative results on the job.

People who drink heavily tend to demonstrate a higher level of absenteeism from work. And even whenAlcoholism 8 they are at work, people who had a lot to drink the night before or who drink during lunch or scheduled work breaks work less efficiently and can place themselves or others in dangerous situations.

Workers with some form of drinking problem are 2.7 times more apt to cause an injury at work compared to workers without a drinking issue. Hospital emergency room staff report that 35 percent of workplace injuries they see involve misuse of alcohol. And 16 percent of patients who suffered a workplace injury show up in the emergency room with alcohol in their system.

Whether the person is an dependent on alcohol or drinks inappropriately around work-times they bring harm to the work environment. Problem drinkers are often late to work, drowsy at work, bring down the morale of fellow workers and bring a greater risk for conflict to the office.

They are also more likely to be involved in a deadly work-related accident. The person who abuses alcohol is more likely to harm themselves and those around them.

Because drinking affects the workplace so dramatically Employee Assisted Programs were developed to offer intervention. These programs have enjoyed great success in confronting alcohol misuse and in getting workers and their families to take advantage of local services for treatment.

Family Guidance is a community resource for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction or dependence. Family Guidance offers programs for the person and also for the family of that person, because drinking affects everyone in the home. If you or someone you care about, perhaps even someone at work, has a problem with alcohol, let them know about Family Guidance Center and the help available before the problem escalates even further.