Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)


Service Levels


Offender Education Program (OEP)

Available in St. Joseph, Cameron and Maryville, determined by enrollment.

OEP is a ten-hour education course designed specifically to assist first-time offenders in understanding the choices they’ve made that led to their intoxication and arrest.


Weekend Intervention Program (WIP)

Available in St. Joseph only.

WIP is a weekend (20 continuous hours) of structured activities using intensive education and counseling intervention methods.  Activities are designed to encourage the individual to confront his/her harmful behavior and take responsibility for his/her life.


Clinical Intervention Program (CIP)

Available in St. Joseph, Cameron and Maryville.

CIP is a treatment service consisting of a minimum of fifty (50) hours of intensive outpatient services. Treatment will include 20 hours group counseling, 20 hours group education and 10 hours individual counseling in no less than 3 weeks based on the needs of the individual. While in treatment in the CIP program, it is mandatory that blood alcohol content be monitored at least weekly.


SATOP Level IV Treatment/Serious Repeat Offender Program (SROP)

Level IV treatment is a high intensity treatment program for individuals who have had multiple traffic offenses or who are referred to the Serious and Repeat Offender Program (SROP). Services are offered in conjunction with and during outpatient treatment hours.


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