If you own a small business (fewer than 500 employees) random drug testing and substance policies mayRecovery 1 seem like things only large companies need to address. Yet a large percent of illegal drug users and heavy drinkers work for small businesses. And their behavior on and off duty has a definite impact on your bottom line.

If your workers have a substance abuse problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s something that deserves your attention – even if it is taking place after work hours. Here are just a few reasons why you should be working toward a drug-free work environment.

1. Poor Job Performance
If your worker is abusing substances on the job, this could lead to a serious deterioration in job performance. If the person is operating heavy equipment or dangerous machinery, the risks are serious. But even if the person is using substances after work or on weekends, drops in job performance are likely. This means that fellow workers will need to fill in the gaps and may feel unsafe around the abusing employee.

2. Increased Insurance Costs
If employees are abusing alcohol or drugs you can expect to see increased claims on insurance or workman’s compensation and a subsequent increase in premiums.

3. Absenteeism and Attrition
Individuals involved with substance abuse have trouble getting to work regularly and on time. Substance abusers are apt to have had more than three jobs during the last year and to have not come to work at least twice in the past 30 days.

In case you wonder how likely it is that your employees are struggling with substance abuse consider the following:

  • Over 65 percent of adult illegal drug users are full or part-time workers
  • 64 percent of adult workers use alcohol
  • 4 percent of adult binge drinkers are employed
  • 9 percent of heavy drinkers are workers

Don’t assume that this problem doesn’t affect you or your employees. Call Family Guidance Center today and talk to us about how to set up a drug testing program or arrange for a substance abuse presentation at your workplace. We also offer a Substance Abuse Training Program (SATOP) for your employees that need to regain driving privileges after a substance abuse offense.