Signs of Depression You May Not Recognize

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While the media has certainly elevated the visibility of depression, there are obvious symptoms which get frequent mention. There are alsoDepressed 1 more subtle signs that you may not realize signify depression.

Common Signs of Depression
The classic signs that most people now know to look for are hopelessness, a continued state of gloominess or sadness and a lack of joy or pleasure in life’s activities – even ones which used to be enjoyed greatly. These telltale signs are well known signs to look for. The less obvious signs are just as indicative, but a person might attempt to explain them away as something else.

Subtle Signs
These less obvious symptoms might be harder to connect to depression but can still be cause for concern:

Substance abuse
Sleeping and eating changes – more or less of either
Body aches – unexplained headaches and joint aches
Excessive tiredness – this can include a low libido
Difficulty with focus or concentration
Hypersensitivity to rejection
Life appears as a drab and unsmiling grey

Other less-recognized signs of depression include irritability, aggression and anger. This is important to recognize since unexplained anger could be linked to anxiety and often signals a more serious kind of depression. If you or someone close to you seems inexplicably irritable, take a closer look. Adolescents often experience depression as undirected anger.

It’s hard to admit to yourself or others that you may be struggling with depression. However, whether or not you are ready to admit depression, it will manage to find cracks in the façade. Whether you know you are depressed or just worry that you might be, it’s a good idea to talk with someone else about how you are feeling. Family Guidance can help you sort through the symptoms and find the truth. Call us or stop by.