Signs of Depression That You May Not Know

By February 27, 2015No Comments

Feelings are a big part of depression. The sadness and hopelessness of depression can be very overwhelming. But there are many signs ofDepression 4 depression beyond how a person feels. Do any of these sound familiar to you?
Life Isn’t Rosy Anymore
Colors are not as bright and cheerful to people whose hearts feel grey. Rather than rose-colored glasses, you now see life through grey-hued ones. Depression can affect how you see all areas of your life.

Trapped in the Net of the Internet
Constant time on your laptop, tablet or smartphone takes precedence over daily responsibilities. You feel like the Internet is a lifeline and you can’t let go. If this is something you struggle with, then depression may be overwhelming you.

Physical Pain is a Part of Everyday Life
You experience chronic pain without a legitimate explanation. Unfortunately, steady pain leads to further depression. Digestive problems can also stem from depression.

Personal Hygiene is Not a Priority
Taking care of simple responsibilities like bathing, combing your hair and keeping the house picked up seem like huge feats. Personal hygiene and your home cleanliness start a negative downward cycle of feeling like getting things back in order will require more than you have to give.

Can’t Remember, Can’t Decide
When you’re depressed it’s hard to focus your attention. Not surprisingly, it’s also hard then to recall things later on. The same mind fog makes it tough for people with depression to make simple decisions – like what to eat for dinner or what to wear.

If several of these symptoms ring true for you, it’s time to stop denying that you could be experiencing depression. Make an appointment at Family Guidance and find out how we can help you reverse the cycle. Depression doesn’t have to take over your life. We can help you to regain the color in your life.