September 2014 Marks 25th Annual National Recovery Month

By September 30, 2014No Comments

Mental health 18National Recovery Month is a month-long push toward greater community awareness on issues of behavioral health. Mental health is a key component in a person’s overall health. It is nearly impossible to divide physical well-being and positive mental health. Ignore your mental wellness and physical as well as psychological conditions may worsen.

However, the flip side is also true: care for your behavioral health and you can reap positive benefits in all areas of living. During September, behavioral health providers across the country share some of their many stories of prevention, treatment and recovery success.

This year, National Recovery Month celebrates 25 years of shared successes. Behavioral health providers want more community members to be aware that their services are available to all. Individuals who have overcome substance use are certainly worth recognizing and celebrating, but Recovery Month encompasses recovery on a broader scale.

People overcome struggles with depression and anxiety every day because they took the time to seek out help. Other chronic conditions can be successfully managed so that individuals may live full and satisfying lives. Treatment works. In many instances, preventive care can help people avoid some of these struggles altogether.

The national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) wants Americans to know that you can take charge of your mental health in the same way as you do your physical health. Pay attention to symptoms and get help if you suspect something isn’t as it should be. For those who already struggle, treatment can lead to the freedom of recovery.

Here in St Joseph, Family Guidance Center opens its doors day after day to community members concerned about a wide selection of behavioral health issues. Whether you have been unable to shake feelings of sadness and hopelessness for several weeks or have been struggling with addiction to substances for months or even years, hope is there. Treatment works. Call today. We have 25 years of success stories to share with you.