SATOP Program Matches Intervention Level With Individual Need

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Who Qualifies for SATOP and What Does it Entail?

The intent behind Missouri’s Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders’ Program (SATOP) is to help educate individuals who drinkSATOP 2 and drive about the dangers and risks associated with this decision. SATOP is a structured intervention required for all Missouri drivers who lose their license as a result of DWI.

Missouri law requires these offenders to take part in a three-part assessment. The assessment costs $126 and must be paid for by the individual. During the assessment the person’s driving record will be examined, they will take an online mental health screening and will meet one-on-one with a behavioral health specialist. After being assessed, the person is then asked to fulfill a minimum of 10 hours of intervention education. In order to have their license reinstated, the offender must complete the intervention program to which they are assigned.

There are multiple education options and a behavioral health specialist will have a say in which program is most appropriate for each individual. The goal of the intervention is to help offenders understand the choices they have made and to take responsibility for those choices.

There is a program designed specifically for under 21 offenders whose arrest included a citation for substance possession or misuse. Low-risk adult offenders may be assigned to a 10-hour OEP (Offender Education Program). Higher risk offenders may be asked to participate in a Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) which lasts 48 hours or a Clinical Intervention Program (CIP) which takes 50 hours to complete. Repeat offenders and those whose assessments indicate the need may be placed in the SROP (Serious Repeat Offenders’ Program) or in Level IV Traditional Treatment for substance abuse.

It’s important to keep in view that SATOP is about deterring poor decisions in the future. There are multiple ways to intervene and help steer someone into a safer direction – SATOP is designed to match the right level of intervention with each person’s need. At Family Guidance Center we offer the SATOP program. Contact us to find out more about our SATOP program.