Recognizing Depression in Your Loved One

The Signs to Look for That Could Signal Depression

depressionWe’ve all been on hand when someone close to us goes through a tough time. Things may not be going well at work or with home relationships. Perhaps the person received some bad news regarding their health. How can you tell if a normal (and temporary) “down” reaction to difficulty has become diagnosable depression that needs treatment? Here are a few signs to look for:

Not the Same Person

How a person looks and how they take care of themselves can be indicators of depression. People with depression may neglect their personal appearance and even their own hygiene. Common personality changes include angry outbursts, frequent weepiness, risk-taking behavior and substance abuse. If your loved one no longer looks or acts like themselves, it could be due to depression.

Uncharacteristic Isolation

Another common symptom of depression is social isolation. People who used to enjoy the company of others may suddenly prefer to be alone. They may sleep excessively or zone out in front of the television set. Social withdrawal can also manifest as a struggle to meet normal responsibilities (like getting to work, finishing schoolwork or cleaning the house). For the person with depression even something they once enjoyed can now seem like too much effort.

If someone you love shows several of these signs, it could be that they are depressed. At Family Guidance Center we have mental health professionals that can help those who have symptoms of depression. Don’t wait for your loved one to take the first step – take the first step for them. Contact Family Guidance Center today.