Real People, Real Stories

For more than 100 years, Family Guidance Center has been working with community partners to help children and adults with mental illness reach recovery and return to quality of life. Through the years, an emphasis on helping each individual and family enter recovery has remained a top priority. Our work has assisted thousands of families, employers, and the community as a whole. Behavioral health disorder is a key part of overall health in each of our lives. Recovery can, and does, happen.

Addiction Recovery: Susan’s Story

“Decide you want it and make today the day.” –Susan, former Addiction Treatment Services consumer*

Now maintaining almost 20 years of sobriety, Susan remembers when Family Guidance services helped save her life, her home and her family. Through the help of Family Guidance’s psychiatric services, including case management, Susan began a journey of sobriety in 1992 – ending a substance use disorder that began when she was only 10 years old.

Susan completed an internship and completed her degree under FGC. Today, as a State of Missouri employee, she often shares her story of recovery. In September 2011, Susan was invited to serve as a guest workshop coordinator at an AA meeting.

“I’m so grateful people didn’t give up on me. If you’re willing, Family Guidance has the support you need to reach recovery. Decide you want it and make today the day.”

*consumer’s name has been changed