Mental Illness

Pop Star Encourages More Open Discussion of Mental Illness

By November 3, 2015No Comments

The Stigma of Mental Illness Keeps Many From Seeking Treatment

mental illnessPop star Demi Lovato is perhaps best known as the voice of Disney’s Frozen theme song “Let It Go”. She is also lending her voice these days to the cause of mental illness. The singer, who herself has lived with bipolar disorder and addiction, wants to encourage more Americans to be open about their mental health issues. Lovato acknowledges, along with mental health professionals, that stigma keeps many people from admitting their problems and seeking the help they need.

Removing stigma helps the healing of mental illness as it opens the door to talk about personal struggles and frees individuals to reach out for help and support. Many people suffer in secret because they fear that acknowledging their problems will result in guilt or public shame.

Nearly one quarter of the world population experiences mental illness at one time or another during their lives. Depression alone will affect around 10 percent of all Americans at some point. Mental illness is real and it is not rare. It is a health condition that needs and deserves public understanding and public discourse.

However, it’s not enough just to talk about mental illness. Treatment is needed. It is important for individuals with mental illness to feel comfortable reaching out to a mental health professional that addresses personal issues in a meaningful way. Our staff of mental health professionals at Family Guidance Center can provide treatment that is as unique as each individual who comes looking for help. Mental illness is an illness like so many other illnesses such as cancer or diabetes. And like other illnesses it is important to seek professional treatment. Don’t let fear prevent you from getting the help you need. Call us today.