October is National Depression Education and Awareness Month

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Understand How to Recognize and Treat Depressiondepression

Some illnesses seem to touch just about every family you meet. Many illnesses are discussed frankly and openly. Other illnesses aren’t talked about with the same freedom. That is unfortunate because illnesses happen to us all. They are part of the human condition, whether they are physical illnesses or mental illnesses. When you don’t talk about an illness, it’s easy for that illness to become stigmatized. Depression is an illness that affects people worldwide, yet only recently have people begun to open up about how the illness affects them or those they love.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are 350 million individuals worldwide living with depression. In our nation alone, one-tenth of the adult population experiences depression (according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It is an illness which affects people around you, loved ones and maybe yourself. October is the official month for National Depression Education and Awareness.

How Can You Recognize Depression?

Depression looks slightly different depending upon a person’s age or gender but there are some common symptoms that many share. Those symptoms include: unexplained sadness that doesn’t go away, lack of energy or motivation, trouble concentrating, withdrawal from friends, family and activities and interrupted sleep.

What Causes Depression?

Depression doesn’t have one single cause and doesn’t affect only one kind of person. It is an illness that can stem from family history, biological or environmental factors. It affects all people across age, race, ethnic and gender barriers.

On the Road to Recovery

Preventative steps such as eating well, getting sufficient sleep and regular exercise, along with treatment, can help alleviate symptoms of depression. Exercise is a natural mood elevator and often people can benefit from disciplined exercise and attention to other key areas of life.

Depression is Treatable

The important thing to know is that depression is a highly treatable illness. If you think you or someone you love may be experiencing symptoms of depression, contact Family Guidance Center today and start feeling better soon.