National Recovery Month: Celebrating Personal Success Stories and Life After Addiction

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Recovery 2The individuals living with the struggles of addiction are normal, everyday people. They are neighbors, friends, coworkers, and maybe even a parent, sibling, or spouse. For Cody, a young father of two, the realization of an alcohol problem came with seeing the disappointment on his kids’ faces when an afternoon of consuming alcohol meant he couldn’t take them to the park.

But often, the roots of addiction run much deeper than just impulse control. After deciding to receive help through Family Guidance Center Addiction Treatment Services, Cody said he has learned to recognize the emotions that are so deeply intertwined with his recovery. Without Family Guidance, he says, “I wouldn’t be the person I am today…”

The month of September has been set aside to celebrate National Recovery Month and the strides that those working through recovery and clinicians in the field have accomplished. Family Guidance Center would like to raise awareness of the fact that addiction treatment services don’t just impact the affected individual but rather the entire community at large.

Ben is another life that has been changed through the support of Family Guidance’s Addiction Treatment Services. Hooked on the narcotic Dilauded since his teenage years, Ben continued to struggle with the consequences of his addiction for eight long years. The drug caused him to isolate himself from society, cutting him off from others and leaving him financially stripped and dependent upon his parents.

At 21, Ben had had enough but needed help learning to cope with the triggers that would send him back into dependency. While Ben knew he could count on his family for support, he could sense their loss of heart. Ben realized that treatment can provide the necessary tools, but affected individuals also have to be willing to “…apply the footwork.”

Addiction is a disease affecting the brain, and if people could simply say no, they would. FamilyGuidanceCenter has a successful history of helping individuals in their journey through recovery. Addiction Treatment Services provides both inpatient and outpatient care for alcohol dependency, compulsive gambling, and drug addiction including meth, cocaine, and prescription painkillers. Ben and Cody are both examples that there is life after addiction. ContactFamily Guidance Center to learn more about area services.