How to Instill Confidence in Children With ADHD

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Think of all of the times you’ve been proud of your child: When they receive an A on a test, when they score a basket during a game, when they earn a solo during a concert; and the list goes on.

Just one of the benefits of showing your children you are proud of them is the self confidence it builds. However, in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, self-confidence can be more difficult to build. It is common that children with ADHD have lower self confidence than children without. Because they often receive negative feedback, both from parents, teachers and peers about behavior that they do not intend to be disruptive, they may have a tougher time feeling good about themselves.

What can parents of children with ADHD do help build self confidence?ADHD 11

Encourage their strengths
Seek activities for your child to participate in that are among what they excel at. This not only gives them an outlet, but also gives them more opportunity to meet goals and receive positive feedback.

Give plenty of praise
Focus more on the effort your child puts into a task rather than the outcome. This lets your child know you are more concerned with how hard they work and not just a grade given by teacher.

Praise them to others
Showing that you are proud of your child to their family and peers is a great way to not only demonstrate how you feel, but it gives your child the opportunity to see those feelings are shared by the people around them. Hearing you share your praise with others will let them know you are not just saying it to make them feel better but that you really do feel that way and want others to hear it as well.

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