How the Health Care Home Solution Can Improve Patient Outcomes

By November 27, 2015No Comments

St Joseph on Cutting Edge With Health Care Home Initiative

Health Care HomeIn America today, many citizens believe that information silos can be dangerous and that it is important for various departments to share vital information and work together to keep us safe. This idea that information silos create unnecessary dangers has also reached into health care as well. The Health Care Home program is based on the reality that providing integrated treatment across healthcare disciplines is in the very best interests toward patient well-being.

The Goal of Health Care Home

Almost 68 percent of those living with chronic mental illness also live with a chronic health condition. Studies show that the presence of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, can worsen the symptoms of a health condition. For too long, many individuals have been treated by one caregiver for one issue, and had to see another provider for another condition — while the two health providers weren’t working in tandem for the best outcome. When mental and physical health providers work together and share pertinent information, consumer outcomes improve.

Not only are outcomes improved, but they are improved at far less cost. The goal is to reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations and Medicaid costs for patients with persistent mental illness — while providing high-quality, coordinated behavioral health care and primary health care that links physical health needs with mental health needs. Most importantly, the Health Care Home initiative helps consumers live a longer, healthier life.

At the Family Guidance Center our Health Care Home program of integrated health care has successfully improved treatment for 150 children and nearly 500 adults during the past year alone. If your loved one is living with both a chronic physical or mental health condition, please contact us and see how Health Care Home could improve their wellness.