Health Care Home: For Longer, Healthier Lives

“Instead of random physician or emergency room visits, patients with mental illness and accompanying physical health needs can receive integrated, coordinated and high-quality care for both physical and mental health needs.”

The Health Care Home concept means individuals have a team-based approach to mental and physical health that is based upon coordinated care. Our goal is to ensure that individuals receive appropriate care to address health care needs while promoting appropriate utilization of health care resources.  Most importantly, the Health Care Home initiative helps consumers live a longer, healthier life.

Missouri is the first state in the nation to receive approval for a provision in the Affordable Care Act that allows the integration of services for Medicaid patients in “health homes.”

Services provided include:

  • Nurse care managers will work alongside other healthcare providers to coordinate health care needs.
  • Nurse care managers can also help ensure medications are available as prescribed by your physician.
  • Prevention and patient education and participation are key elements of the program. You may also receive information and guidance that can help you reduce your need for medical services while giving you more independence to pursue your treatment goals.
  • Nurse care managers assist with transitions of care if you are admitted or discharged from the hospital.
  • Nurses will provide primary care screenings.
  • Healthcare home services are overseen by a primary care physician consultant.

Intake and Therapy

Walk-In Today for an Assessment; No Appointment Necessary

Today’s the day to begin your journey to recovery from mental illness or substance use disorders. Family Guidance Center accepts walk-ins for an assessment, with no appointment necessary. Appointments are available on a limited basis. For more information, call (816) 364-1501.

Our professional team can assist eligible individuals with behavioral health challenges for children and teens; help for adults; and help with substance use disorder treatment. We can assist you with education regarding disease management, as well as assist you with referrals to other helpful resources in our community.

Therapy Services

Goal oriented therapy is provided when a person is experiencing mental health issues that interfere with his/her ability to adjust to personal, family, school/work, or social situations.  Therapy can be utilized to assist the individual in maximizing strengths, reducing behavioral problems, and improving coping abilities. The individual and/or family will be encouraged to be involved in developing the treatment plan and working towards goal achievement to assist in improving their ability to communicate and function in a more positive manner.

Evidenced based practices available include:

Neurosequential Model of Treatment
Parent-Child Interactive Therapy
Eye movement desensitization and re-processing (EMDR)
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy
Solution focused therapy