Alcohol Dependency

Growing Numbers of Women are Abusing Alcohol

Alcohol Abuse 1In terms of percentages there are still more American men drinking to excess compared to women. But the number of women abusing alcohol in this country is growing rapidly and that is cause for concern. According to the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse more than five percent of women in the U.S. misuse alcohol.

There are certain risk factors which can make it more likely that a woman will abuse alcohol. Experienced trauma or alcoholism in the family tree can increase the likelihood that a woman will develop a problem relationship with alcohol. But for a growing number of women in this country, drinking – including binge drinking – is becoming all too common apart from any obvious risk factors.

Perhaps it is the busy lives women now lead. Women who rush home from work to start dinner and drive the kids to various evening activities can feel as though there is no margin where they can rest and unwind. An evening drink of alcohol to relax can easily become a steadily increasing habit.

Women who abuse alcohol face some pretty serious health risks from doing so, more so even than men. Problems like alcohol hepatitis and alcohol-associated heart disease are a greater risk for women who drink than for men who partake. This is mostly because women lack the body mass to metabolize alcohol as rapidly as men though hormonal differences may also play a role.

Alcohol abuse affects not only the women who are addicted but their family, friends, co-workers and many others around them. Alcoholism is a disease that an increasing number of women are struggling with. If you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol, help is available. Contact the St Joseph Family Guidance today.