Family Guidance Center Offers SATOP Program

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SATOP May Look Slightly Different for Each Individual Who Participates

SATOP 2SATOP is the acronym for Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program. It is required for all Missouri drivers who receive a DWI conviction and have their license suspended. The program offers clinical treatment to help individuals who have driven while intoxicated more fully understand what they did and why. The end goal is that individuals would be prepared to avoid making the same choice again in the future.

The St Joseph Family Guidance Center offers several ways to fulfill a SATOP requirement. The initial assessment steps look the same for everyone who enters the program, but once clinicians have identified key markers, referrals are made according to individual assessments. That’s why SATOP can differ slightly depending upon the needs of each person.

For instance, one individual may qualify for the Weekend Intervention Program (WIP). A person would need to complete the entire weekend’s program and have the okay of the clinician before having fully met their SATOP requirement. Other SATOP interventions include group or individual treatment, Offenders Education Program (OEP), or SROP (Serious Repeat Offenders Program). Which program deemed most appropriate would be decided according to the clinician’s assessment. In every case the person must complete the assigned SATOP program and be signed off by the mental health leader.

This means that not everyone can fulfill their SATOP requirement in the same way or in the same amount of time. In a way, SATOP is a gift. It helps a person slow down and examine their actions and the motivations behind those actions and the goal is then that they will not repeat the offense. If help is needed to address how decisions are made, Family Guidance offers the individual counseling that can work on those issues also. Give us a call today and we can tell you more about our SATOP program.