Children/Youth Services

“To see kids who were only in school 2 hours a day, and then with help from Family Guidance, they’re able to stay a full day and return to successful home and peer interactions … It’s an amazing journey.” – Family Guidance Center Team

What does treatment for children or teens with mental illness look like?

Treatment may include individual or family-based counseling, psychiatric services, and diagnosis and management of the physical symptoms that can accompany a mental illness. We also offer treatment that includes the resources of families who have experienced mental illness and recovery in their own homes.

Treatment for teens and children can be offered during the school day or after school to accommodate family schedules. Family Guidance can also help direct parents of children or teens to appropriate support groups as they work through their recovery journey.

Treatment Options:

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR)— CPR provides individualized, community based, case management services.

Family Supports—Family Assistance Workers and Family Support Partners assist families by providing skill-based peer support services.

Medical Services–Including psychiatry, nursing support, and integrated health assessment are available to individuals receiving any of the above services.

School-based Services—Case managers, therapists, and intake services are available in multiple schools.  FGC partners with St. Joseph, School District to keep children in the classroom setting.

Outpatient Adolescent Substance Use Treatment—individual, group, and family counseling are offered and services are designed to meet individual need.  Transportation is available when needed.

No other area center for behavioral health care offers the resources of Family Guidance:

  • Children in preschool or Kindergarten can access an innovative program
  • The unique respite care element at Family Guidance means a licensed family can provide residential support for a week at a time, allowing the child’s family to ease emotional stress.
  • Family Support Partners work alongside a family’s team and have personal experience in working through childhood mental illness.