Celebrating the New Year When You’re in Recovery

By December 27, 2013No Comments

During the New Year season it can feel like the whole world is celebrating. A person living in recovery from alcohol dependency or alcohol addiction may feel strong temptation to have just one drink on this one special night because they don’t want to feel so alone.

The truth is that not everyone is drinking on New Year’s Eve and a person with alcohol dependency or addiction can rarely stop with just one drink. Instead, all the memories of past New Year’s celebrations will tempt them to re-live the pleasures of years gone by.

It’s important for the person in recovery to deal with this ahead of time. There may be fun memories, but that is not the whole story. It’s vital to not romanticize past drinking. It is also important to develop a plan before you attend a New Year’s Eve party.

Recovery 2Parties often mean mingling with people who drink, and perhaps even those who used to participate with you. Old friends who still consume alcohol may try to pressure the one in recovery to be part of the gang once more. A firm and repeated “no” is usually all that is needed, but it’s important to be prepared. This is a time to make use of a sponsor or sober companion. Take that person with you if you must go to a party where alcohol will be served.

It can be helpful to attend extra support group meetings around New Year’s. Staying focused on the prize of freedom from alcohol addiction or dependence can be the motivation for making better decisions. Family Guidance Center offers professional help at Addiction Treatment Services, including group and individual help on a flexible schedule. Call them and become part of a group now before the season gets in full swing.

And remember, there are plenty of people who will be celebrating the start of the New Year without alcohol. Join with them to ring in the New Year and maintain your focus on a high-quality, addiction-free life.