Celebrating Recovery is an Important Part of Addiction Recovery

Overcoming addiction takes courage to face your problems and decide you will learn to handle them in a different way. It usually means making changes within yourself and even in your surroundings. That is why important mile markers on the road to addiction recovery deserve to be celebrated.

You can start small. Celebrate one full day of recovery without drugs or alcohol. Your family or yourRecovery 1 friends may give you a balloon or take you out for ice cream sundaes to mark the day, but that first day is worth noting!

There are many recovery milestones worth celebrating – one week, one month, one year, the first day back at work or school… the list goes on. It is important to take the time to acknowledge the progress you are making with the people around you. If you are hesitant, it could be that you are afraid of letting people down (including yourself) but celebrating milestones actually makes it easier to succeed on the road ahead.

Here are some ways to reward yourself and others for all the progress you’ve made so far:

  1. If you are part of a support group, be sure to attend the recovery celebration events. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are good about acknowledging steps along the way. Take their cue and celebrate your milestones.
  2. Reward yourself with something good for you. It could be a shopping trip, a nice dinner out, a weekend getaway or a cooking class with a friend.
  3. Celebrate your sober anniversary. Make it a big event with the people closest to you. Have cake or whatever food makes it special. This is a good chance to tell the people around you thank you for the help they give you through the year.

If you are ready to start out on this journey of recovering from addiction, contact the professionals at Family Guidance. Before you know it, you could be celebrating your very own milestones of success.