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Being Prepared for a Mental Health Crisis

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Recommended Steps Before the Mental Health Crisis Occurs

mental health crisisHow well prepared are you in case of a mental health crisis? Such crises are more common than you think. According to our nation’s CDC, a mental health crisis sent 4 million Americans to hospital emergency rooms. If you have a loved one living with a mental health condition, there are steps you can take to be prepared beforehand in the event of a possible moment of crisis.

Be Informed

If someone close to you is living with a mental health condition then you want to be informed about their illness. Know what the common symptoms of the condition are and how frequently they show up. You need to be able to tell if symptoms are worsening in an out-of-the-ordinary manner. It’s also helpful to inform yourself regarding all of the available mental health services in the area.

Be Alert

Suicide is a serious and very real risk for those with a chronic mental health condition. But it is not the only crisis point. Extreme panic attack, paranoia and hallucinations also constitute a mental health crisis. These can be debilitating. If your loved one becomes unmanageable, overly agitated or behaves violently, take note. And if they talk about suicide, pay attention. Nearly 90 percent of those who take their own lives spoke of doing so beforehand.

Be in Touch

A mental health crisis most often will present warning signs. It’s so important that your loved one is meeting regularly with a mental health professional and that you feel comfortable contacting that person should you see signs of trouble.

Family Guidance Center is staffed with trained mental health professionals. We are here day in and day out to help your loved one. We also offer families support and guidance. With care you may be able to avoid a mental health crisis.