Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency in America

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Recognizing the Signs of Alcohol Dependency

alcohol dependencyAlcohol dependency refers to a person’s overuse of alcohol. According to the U.S. CDC and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, around 10 percent of adults in this country meet the diagnostic criteria for being alcohol dependent while over 30 percent of Americans qualify as heavy drinkers. Alcohol dependency doesn’t develop in one night. It often happens over time and many Americans are moving into high-risk drinking without understanding the risks.

You may begin with just a single beer or glass of wine each night after work. Later, you begin to drink two, three or more each evening and more than that while socializing on weekends. So what determines if you are still in the low-risk zone or have moved toward alcohol dependency? There are several questions you can ask yourself to determine if you have a dependence on alcohol, but it’s critical that you be honest with yourself when answering.

First off, think about whether you’ve ever hurt yourself while drinking? What about hurting someone else when you were drinking? Do you have trouble getting to work on time or being up in time to help the kids get off to school because you’re tired or hung-over from drinking? If you’re honest, do you feel edgy if you can’t have a drink? Do you drink to escape sad or negative feelings?

Answering yes to any of these questions is enough to stop and consider your drinking habits and seek outside help. The mental health professionals at Family Guidance Center can help. Call us today and we can talk about the best treatment options to help you get started on the road to recovery.