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Top Concern for Parents is Teen Mental Health

A Connecticut psychiatric hospital teamed up with Yahoo Parenting to find out what issues were most on the minds of parents. Their survey ofmental health over 3,000 moms and dads found that adolescent mental health was a leading concern for parents of teens. The study further revealed that while 65 percent of parents expressed concern on the topic, just 18 percent of teens had actually received mental health attention.

One problem seems to be a reticence on the part of parents to admit that their teen may actually be in distress or confront teens on mental health issues. On the other hand, young people appear to pay undue attention to the message of social media which tends to perpetuate the stigma long attached to mental illness. The combination means that too few teens are addressing and treating very real physical conditions such as anxiety and depression.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, over 20 percent of nine to 17 year olds are living with either an addiction problem or a mental health disorder. Frequently, the two go hand in hand. Ignoring these problems does not make them go away.
It’s important to begin discussing mental health as a component of overall health with children as they grow. Mental health is connected to physical health and wellness. It’s also a good idea to talk with the teen’s physician about any concerns you may have concerning your child’s mental health.

Early diagnosis and treatment can make an enormous difference, not just in quality of life during the teen years, but for a lifetime. At Family Guidance Center we are here to help parents and adolescents. We know all too well that mental illness affects a large number of young people. We also know that these are treatable conditions which can be followed by happy, healthy future lives. If teen mental health concerns you, please contact us today.