ADHD Prescriptions Being Used by Adults as Lifestyle Drugs

More Adults Abusing ADHD Medications

ADHDOver the past few decades, the number of children being treated for ADHD has risen sharply. Medications such as Concerta, Adderall and Ritalin are stimulants which help the neurotransmitters in diagnosed patients to function more normally. Experts say that non-affected adults using them for lifestyle purposes appears to be on the rise.

At present around 4.4 percent of adults in this country are diagnosed with ADHD. For children this number is closer to five to 10 percent. There has been a rise of stimulant abuse on college campuses. Non-ADHD college students taking ADHD medications to sharpen their study time have been the focus of concern. Now, it a growing concern that healthy adults, too, may be misusing the drugs to deal with everyday life.

Stimulants offer short-term help with things like memory, concentration, attention, energy and anxiety. Adults may be using them to improve their at-work performance or to give them a boost when they feel overwhelmed at home. The drugs can also work as appetite suppressants and therefore function as diet aids. But, scientists aren’t quite certain what the long-term effects may be of taking a drug that corrects a problem you don’t actually have.

Some known side effects are headache, sleeplessness, stomach pain, irritability and even tics. In extreme cases, high blood pressure or seizures have been experienced.

If you are feeling like you can’t keep up and are abusing stimulants to help, call us today. At Family Guidance Center, we’re here to help you find safe and healthy coping mechanisms that will serve you well over the long-term.