A Century of Service

since-1907Since 1907, Family Guidance has provided key resources and behavioral health services to the Northwest Missouri region, reaching out to provide help and support to thousands of families living with behavioral health conditions. Throughout the past century, Family Guidance has actively collaborated with other state and local agencies to strengthen the services provided to the region. A commitment to evidence-based practices demonstrates why Family Guidance Center has maintained such a strong community reputation for leadership and collaboration.

Sheltering Arms

The concept of community-based, collaborative behavioral health services dates back to 1907 with the establishment of the Sheltering Arms Child Guidance Center. In 1962, Sheltering Arms and United Cerebral Palsy of Greater St. Joseph joined together with Family and Children’s Services to become the Family Guidance Center. Over the next 15 years, FGC added substance use disorders treatment and joined resources with the Department of Mental Health to provide psychiatric services to the community. Starting in 1988, FGC began to focus on individuals with behavioral health issues to live more independently. FGC worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to build semi-independent apartments for consumers living with chronic, persistent mental illnesses. Those apartments were completed in 1991 and 2007.

Our Next Century

Since 2007, FGC has continued to add evidence-based services and provide a focus on holistic person-centered care. FGC is committed to the newest and best treatment options, the organization often leads the way in the state and the nation for pilot programs for behavioral health.

Mental illness is a disease that’s diagnosable and manageable. Recovery is possible. In fact, mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD or bipolar disorder are types of medical illness – similar to other chronic physical conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease – that require ongoing professional treatment. Through Family Guidance’s innovative professional programs and services, thousands of local families enter recovery and return to productive, high-quality living. We invite you to learn more about our programs and services today.