Recovery 1For those who first came to know Zac Efron through his early child star performances, seeing him struggle through his early adulthood may be a dose of harsh reality. The handsome young actor enjoyed a squeaky clean image after working on films like High School Musical, Hairspray and 17 Again. Now, he is turning in adult performances in movies like the soon to be released Neighbors. But getting from youth to adult hasn’t been a smooth journey.

Efron says that it was tough when his career hit a temporary pause. He also says that Hollywood young people face many of the same struggles as any other person their age. He says that problems with over-controlling parents and a bad crowd of friends contributed to his involvement with alcohol abuse, cocaine addiction and experimentation with the club drug Molly. Many young people in America deal with that same bad combination – though perhaps without the high-profile career component.

Efron who is now 26 years old spent time last year (2013) trying to break free from the addiction cycle he’d gotten into. Like so many before him, Mr. Efron said he felt an emptiness within that he couldn’t seem to fill. That inner void separated him from all his closest relations and eventually interfered with his ability to work.
When he wasn’t able to show up for scheduled shootings on Neighbors because of substance-induced stupors it was time to ask for help. The actor entered rehab for alcohol or cocaine addiction and returned to work only to relapse soon thereafter. Following a second bout of rehab the actor has made some necessary life adjustments to ensure future sobriety.

Efron has embraced fitness, both with diet and exercise. He has separated himself from party friends from the past. Reportedly, he is a regular attendee at Alcohol Anonymous support group meetings.

The young actor seems finally headed in a better direction free from substance abuse. His story reveals the common thread that runs through so many stories of addiction. His story also shares the elements common to recovery.

If you or a young person you love is struggling with substance misuse you don’t have to stand by and watch. Contact the professionals at Family Guidance. They know the story and how to write a happier ending.