October is the month for raising awareness about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). TheADHD 16 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that this is a condition which affects nearly 6 million American children ages three through 17 years. That works out to around one in 30 children. For many, the condition carries on into adulthood. The prevalence of this condition along with its longevity means that it is something which affects people all around you – perhaps even in your own household.

An Equal Opportunity Condition
ADHD is a real condition recognized as affecting people from all walks of life. Though it is more often diagnosed in boys than girls, it affects both sexes, the rich and the poor, the old and the young, those that live in the city and that live in the country.

What it Looks Like
It is difficult to say in a few short sentences what ADHD looks like, because often it appears as normal behaviors that are simply somehow out of balance. The condition is characterized by impulsiveness, inattention and, sometimes, hyperactivity. All people demonstrate these from time to time, but when ADHD is present the behaviors persist over time and in all the various settings of life.

Risk Factors and Treatment
Although ADHD is a non-discriminatory condition, there are some recognized risk factors. Family history, gender, physiology within the brain and prenatal risks can each contribute to the likelihood of a person developing ADHD. Treatments include medication, behavior therapy and education – usually in combination. If your child is displaying any of these symptoms, having your child assessed for ADHD can be a good idea.

At Family Guidance, we have seen hundreds of cases of childhood and adult ADHD. We can help you determine if the loved one in your life is struggling. You’ll want to know sooner rather than later, since having untreated ADHD leaves a person vulnerable to developing other mental health struggles such as anxiety or depression. What better time than October to make an appointment?