Taking in too much alcohol for the body to adequately process poses a danger to the drinker and to those around them. One danger thatDanger 1 drinkers often miscalculate is the risk of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning occurs when the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream is many times higher than the range considered safe. Alcohol affects brain function and large amounts of alcohol can interfere with the brain’s ability to perform normally or safely. A high level of alcohol in the body can also affect physical health in other negative ways.

This impact on brain function is why intoxicated people slur their speech or cannot walk in a straight line. With alcohol poisoning, the amount of alcohol in the body is enough to impair functioning in ways that can be life threatening. For example, the body’s normal reflex to rid itself of toxins is to vomit. But when the gag reflex is not working as it should a person can choke to death on their own vomit. In other cases, breathing can slow down perilously or stop altogether.

Binge drinkers (four or more drinks at one sitting) are at particular risk. This amount of alcohol is hard for the body to process and can lead to alcohol poisoning. Because alcohol poisoning can be deadly it’s important to know the symptoms:

Ragged breathing
Skin becomes very pale or blue-tinged

If you or someone you know drinks excessively and to the danger point even semi-regularly, it’s time to do something and reach out for help. At Family Guidance we have a variety of treatment programs to help you on the road to recovery. Don’t wait – call us today. One episode of alcohol poisoning could be one too many.